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Our Offers


Thanks to a dedicated resource center for members which contains :

  • Monographs by country on social relations and labor legislation

  • International benchmarks on major topical issues (remote work, management of the Covid crisis, duty of vigilance with regard to suppliers and subcontractors, global social protection floors, gender equality and diversity, job,...)

  • Comparative analysis of international social dialogue modalities: European works councils and articulation with local social dialogue bodies, global framework agreements, global committees

  • Summary sheets on the social practices and policies of large groups

By sending regular alerts on major international news likely to have an impact on large groups.

Business Meeting


  • Meetings for members to share their best practices

  • Networking to help companies work together when faced with similar challenges

  • Invitation to meetings to get to know global unions, international organizations, NGOs ...


  • Organization of learning expeditions


  • Creation of a think tank to build analysis and proposals on international social issues, their challenges for companies and the way in which they can respond to them.

Supporting and assisting

  • Support of executive committees, global business managers and corporate HR teams on the social management of their transnational projects: M&A, divestments, restructuring, reorganizations ...

From due diligence (qualitative analysis of social dialogue practices and the social climate) to social strategy to guarantee the success of the operation.

  • Assistance in defining an international social dialogue strategy

From raising the awareness of COMEX members to the challenges of international social dialogue to helping to define or redefine a transnational social dialogue strategy for multinational companies, mid-cap companies, adapted to the operating model.


  • Support for decision-making, construction and development of transnational employee representatives bodies (EWCs, world committees), relations with European and global trade union organizations, negotiation of an international framework agreement.

  • Raising awareness among managers of non-French companies of the specificities of social dialogue in France



Image by Dylan Gillis
  • On-boarding of teams from the Corporate Social Relations and BU HR Departments on international social issues

By helping them acquire a vision of the diversity of social cultures and by equipping them with the necessary basic knowledge (cultural, regulatory, local practices, etc.) so that they can perform their function.


  • Support for the animation of the international network of local Human Resources / Employee Relations managers

By providing content on international issues during meetings / meetings of the network and by leading joint work on operational projects (M&A, restructuring, reorganization, etc.)


  • Training of members of European works councils and employee board members

On social cultures and staff representation in Europe and around the world, on intercultural issues, on the functioning of transnational representative bodies, European social standards and policies, on issues related to working and employment conditions in the framework of the duty of vigilance, etc ...


  • Board members training

On the interactions between employee board members and non-employee directors within international boards.


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