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Who are we ?


Marie-Noëlle Lopez

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Marie-Noëlle Lopez, a journalist specializing in international employee relations, is the founder of Planet Labor, a daily digital newsletter, a reference publication in this field, which she headed for 15 years.


Marie-Noëlle Lopez is a well known expert in national and transnational employee relations and served as an expert for various European and international institutions (European Commission, the ILO ). She frequently advises large international groups.


Jean-Christophe Sciberras

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Jean-Christophe Sciberras was, until 2021, HR Director and Director of Employee Relations for large international groups for 25 years + (Renault, Rhodia, Solvay, Axa) including several years abroad (USA, Belgium, Brazil, Argentina)

In 2018, he has been appointed Coordinator of the French platform of the Global Deal, an OECD initiative which aims to promote the international social dialogue in large corporations.

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